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Emergency Crash Services Facility FE Warren Air Force Base, WY

BHDG Architects was selected to complete full CID services on the Emergency Crash Services Facility at the FE Warren AFB in Wyoming. The Crash/Rescue building included a crash response bay, staff sleep and living quarters, kitchen and recreation areas, a training space, fitness room, equipment storage, lockers, dispatch, and miscellaneous support utility spaces. The goal of the CID was to provide a functional, durable, visually appealing facility to enhance the Users’ working environment, increase morale, and instill a sense of pride. Criteria for design and material selections included suitability of use, durability, aesthetic character, and sustainability. The overall project design was coordinated to create a unified, cohesive facility.


USACE Omaha District / USAF through Intermediary Contract




  • Military Emergency Services Facility
  • CID: Structural Interior Design and FFE
  • USACE Design Guides